Our story goes back over six generations... 

Sometime around the 1860's the McGlasson family moved west from Virginia and settled in the Ohio River Valley.  Henry McGlasson and family built a small log cabin with timbers hewn from the woods of our farm, and here was born the modest start of McGlasson's farm as we know it.

The farm was larger than it is today and it encompassed much more of the bottomlands in our part of the river valley.  Our land is particularly blessed in that it sits well above the floodplain of the Ohio River while also having excellent soils and relatively flat topography.  Over the years the farm reduced some in size, but the heart of the farm remains intact.  Even the original log cabin survives today as part of the original farmhouse, where Rodney & Jean McGlasson (now retired) still live.

For many of the early years, the family operated as sustenance farmers, growing and raising what they needed to support themselves through a variety of crops and livestock.  But by the early 1900’s, the family transitioned to taking their produce and livestock into the various markets found downtown in Cincinnati.  Over the years, the farm came to focus more and more on growing produce to take to the markets by truck.  For decades these markets in Cincinnati were the mainstay of our business and helped to establish our focus on selling fresh fruits & vegetables via retail markets.

By the 1960’s the family decided to supplement the truck markets in town by opening a roadside stand right here on the farm.  While we continued going to the Cincinnati markets, we found that there was more and more local demand for our produce in our neck of the woods too.  Not only did our farm stand attract locals, but also a whole legion of devoted ‘out-of-towners’ from across the region were willing to make the drive to our place for their favorite produce.  It has been these long-established relationships with loyal customers over the years that has helped to build our business into what it is today.

These days, we’ve put more focus into building up our roadside farm market and rely less on the traditional truck markets found throughout town.  Business has been better than ever down at the stand, and we attribute all of that success to the overwhelming support of all of our customers.  Whether you’re a local regular or new to the area, we invite you to discover our farm and get to know us, we’ve been growing all of our produce right here for years and plan to keep it that way!  If you haven’t been down before, feel free to stop in anytime and we’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions.  After six-plus generations of carrying on the family tradition, we honestly couldn’t be happier doing anything else.  With any hope, we’ll make in another six more to come.

-  The McGlasson’s